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Flavour Kitchen is the result of years of cooking and entertaining. With my Korean background and my husband Fred’s Italian American background we have explored and discovered food from our own cultures and then some. I am not a professional chef or cook – funny thing is that when I first met Fred, the only thing I could cook was a very sad, strange version of fried rice, with potatoes, onions and MSG (yes, I actually had MSG in a jar that I would use). Oh my have things changed.

Living in Southern California, we have access to amazing restaurants and that is where we get the inspiration to continue our adventures in cooking. I live beautiful Hermosa Beach, California with my husband and 2 amazing kids. Being a full-time working mom, with kids who play year round sports, it’s challenging to find the time to cook, but I find time here and there to keep up with my passion. The hardest part sometimes is setting up to get a decent photo! Which is sometimes harder than making the dish. I am a very amateur photographer and just get luck sometimes to get some good shots – thankfully I have a good camera because of the kids and their sports.

Live life full of flavour,

Minnie Dimesa




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